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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight. >> the maryland cardiologists accused of implanting unnecessary expense into patients' hearts will not be practicing medicine in this state anytime soon. >> today, they revoked his license. >> i am confident and everything that i have done, every decision i have made. >> that was dr. mark midei. the board found that the former st. joseph's cardiologists implemented unnecessary stints in four patients. making false reports, keeping inadequate records, and over utilization. >> of the trade comment disappointed. >> he is one patient suing the hospital.
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he was one of 585 patients received a letter informing them that their procedure may not have been necessary. >> they were treated appropriately and with the highest regard for their well- being. >> he denies ever putting stints in patients that did not need them. he is now suing the hospital. >> it has been very difficult and very challenging for me. >> the doctor's lawyer released this statement tonight, calling the decision disappointing. he also claims it is a disservice because of his client's ability to save lives. the questionable procedures cost
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the medicare program $3.8 million between 2007 and 2009. officials say that the maker of be stint placed him on the list of top cardiologists when it comes to volume. they treated the doctor to an elaborate barbecue. we posted a copy of the decision to revoke his medical license on our website, >> a man remains under guarded custody after a police involved shooting in baltimore. it happened just before 11:00 this morning. officers were trying to pull over the driver of a car suspected of drug activity. that is when the suspect pulled a gun, prompting officers to open fire. the driver turned up at a hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. >> suffering from a gunshot wound to the left for armed
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raid -- left forearm. >> there is no word on the suspect's condition. >> baltimore police say a cell phone communication helped track down the man now charged with kidnapping derek brown. he called the boy's father from his own cell phone and demanded a ransom of $500. he faces a host of charges. police are still looking for his alleged accomplice. >> a pasadena man is behind bars after a domestic incident turned deadly. police have charged stephen richard salb with first and second degree murder. he faces assault charges for entering the victim's daughter. >> police say there has not been any reports of a previous incident at the couple's home, they are trying to figure out what provoked this man to bimonthly attacked his wife.
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>> he was very kind and considerate. he was a gentle giant. >> he is now behind bars and facing murder charges. police responded to the couple's home on john's drive for a reported domestic assault. >> they got on scene and located a 38-year-old female and she had received lacerations to the upper body. >> what is shocking to me is the violence of its. >> jill ann salb was arrested a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> a 20-year-old female also sustained some minor lacerations during the incident when she tried to intervene. >> one of my neighbors came over at 9:30 and told me what happened. i was totally floored. i was sick to my stomach. things like that -- things like that do not happen around here. >> there in no indications of
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prior incidents at the asylum. -- at this column. >> is not a reflection of the neighborhood. i had a feeling that he snapped. i feel sorry for the children and we are praying for the children. >> there was a candlelight vigil at the home. the suspect will remain in police custody until his first court appearance. >> a young girl is dead after an accident in northeast baltimore. paramedics were called around 6:30 this evening. they found a car that hit a tree head-on. the girl was thrown from the vehicle. an adult and another child were treated for less serious injuries. >> two teenagers are recovering in shock trauma after they ever hit by a car in pasadena last night.
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the pair were crossing the highway on their way to -- investigators believe that pedestrian error may have played a role. they're walking outside of the crosswalk. >> a federal judge that -- he may have this transcript -- passport returned to him. he can attend an annual conference in canada next month. he will have to return the passport within a week of returning home. he surrendered his passport after being charged of accepting bribes. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges. the maryland court upheld a decision to dismiss bribery charges. she had been accused of bribery for getting to developers to cover the cost of a political poll woolsey chaired a committee and voted on the developers' projects. -- while she chaired a committee and voted on the developers'
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projects. she is currently running for reelection. >> a new report shows the value of tax breaks for developers in baltimore. the mayor defend them. one critic is asking, why not work on lowering taxes for everyone? >> it is one of the region's most valuable buildings. the owners of the building paid almost nothing in city property taxes next -- last year. the result of an incentive that will allow them to avoid a property-tax bill for years. >> that is a judgment call. >> he insists the project would not have gotten done without the tax break. >> that is our belief and the belief of everybody else to review it. >> it has one of the most spectacular locations in the east coast. >> it has to do with economics. >> they are two of the 13 city
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projects that get tax breaks called pilots. critics say a better policy is to lower the city's tax rate for all. >> we believe that if we had a competitive tax rate across the board for everyone, not just certain projects, the city would grow stronger and developers would not need special incentives for their projects only. >> the american -- as someone is responsible to has to make the tough decisions, i am not a monday morning quarterback. i am doing the work and i know that you have to use the tools at your disposal to move the city forward. >> the developers of the eating apartment building wanted a tax break but did not get one. they did go ahead with the
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project. some of the tax breaks do not serve their intended purpose. the tax break ended when the property sold. the property is now owned by johns hopkins. >> transportation officials are encouraging motorists to plan now for the upcoming baltimore grand prix. they held the first of three informational sessions. many of the downtown streets will be cut off. >> most people just need to be aware that once this track is fully built, which is the week of their race, the major cross streets between harbor place and the stadium are not going to be
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accessible. >> they are encouraging fans to use public transportation to the event. streets will begin to close starting august 25. >> president obama continues to call for a long-term plan to slash the nation's debt. even members -- some say the minority at leader proposal gives the president short-term power to raise the debt ceiling while postponing the big debate over spending and taxes. >> everybody understands -- that is what i think of the idea. >> president obama has threatened to veto any short- term solution. >> after a moving service in california, betty ford is now back in her home state of michigan. the casket arrived this afternoon.
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she will lie in repose tomorrow morning at the ford museum in downtown grand rapids. thousands of people are expected to pay their final respects before tomorrows private funeral. >> she shared her life. her life was public. she shared it and it helps a lot of us. >> bill clinton, dick cheney, barbara bush or among the dignitaries expected to attend tomorrow's service. the former first lady died, on friday at the age of 93. >> the new report revealing mass of security breaches at many of the nation's airports. >> why the cost of convenience just got costlier for netflix customers. >> when i i'm around people who smoke, it bothers me in public places. >> they now banned smoking outdoors.
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>> thunderstorms are rolling across the state. that is going to bring some heat relief to the mid-atlantic. it is still pretty warm in baltimore, 81 degrees.
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>> fire investigators are saying an unintended fire on the stove destroyed the 13 units. this is video of the blaze. more than 25 people were displaced. firefighters will return to the complex party night at 7:00 to address any questions. >> there were sharp criticism
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from members of congress about security at many of the nation's airports. a committee reports shows there have been 25,000 security breaches since the 9/11 attacks, including 6000 travelers who made it past without proper scrutiny. >> you take a thousand people and put them in a room, i will give you 10 body imaging machines. is to work with airport authorities to stay in front of terrorist threats. >> official said the report is misleading and represents only a fraction of the five. billion -- 5.5 billion people 11 screened since 9/11. >> the tax filing deadline may have come and gone, but there is
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a warning about a tax scheme making its way across the country it targets the poor and elderly taxpayers. they are part -- they are contacted by someone who offers them free money from special stimulus program. veritas to provide their personal information in order to receive the check. the comptroller remind residents to always review the final version of your tax return when prepared by someone else. get ready to shell out more if you are one of the millions who subscribe to netflix. you will have to pay for two different plans to get the same service that you have now. they will kick in september 1 for their current 23 million members. >> if you are planning to enjoy a little rest and relaxation, he will now be able to do so smoke- free. a new law banning smoking
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tobacco products in all the county's parks is now in effect. " while smoking is banned in bars and restaurants and other public places, howard county has taken it is step further. they are banning smoking in public parks. county executive signed ball at 1:23 this afternoon. from now on, smoking is banned at all hovered county public parks. >> it is to protect our families and kids. even though it is an outside environment, there are a lot of tight spaces. even though it is outside, it is important. >> howard county took the lead in banning smoking in public places, even banning the use of tanning beds by minors. the idea is to keep howard county the healthiest county in
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maryland. >> it would be inconsistent for us to be pushing physical activity and 11 them to be places where people -- and allowing them to be places where people can smoke. >> those we talked to think it is a great idea. >> i think it is a great idea. i believe in personal freedoms, however, in a place like this, it is just not conducive to this environment. >> when i'm around people who smoke, it bothers me in public places. it is a good thing. >> i think it is a great idea. the more opportunity we have to have fresh air and not be interfered with by people the smoke is a great thing. >> people caught smoking in parks will comply with the law when asked. there are penalties, but officials are hoping they will not be necessary. >> what will happen is they refuse to comply, it will be
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more of a trespass issue than an interference with other people's ability to enjoy the parks. >> facebook fans are still commenting on the facebook -- on the smoking ban. >> this is so ridiculous. cigarette smoking is not what they need to be focused on. i want to rocky point state beach and people were smoking all over the beach. this is why these bands are necessary. to leave your comments, of become a friend of wbal-tv on facebook. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast -- >> severe storms rolled across southern maryland today. they were developing out ahead of a cold front.
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in maryland, the showers have tapered off and the skies had cleared. the storms are pulling away, opening the door to what could be a fantastic finish to the week. the normal height is 87 degrees, but today we topped that by five. it was 96 degrees in downtown baltimore. it could get a little cooler than that of the course of the next few hours. we had just over a quarter of an inch of rain in baltimore. the record amount almost 3.5 inches in 1975. the front is facing south of us. clear skies, all the way up and to the great lakes. temperatures are getting chilly. 53 right now in marquette. they are going down to the 40's. cooler air to the north and west will continue to invade the
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state. oakland already down to 61. expect some comfortable weather the next couple of days. the einds are out -- the winds are out of the north. cooler and less humid air coming straight out of canada. high heat and humidity gets pushed farther to the south into the carolinas and the gulf coast region. we are expecting a lot of sunshine tomorrow and friday. partly cloudy skies should carry us into the weekend. temperatures get back to normal. the sun is up at 5:51. plenty of time to enjoy a nice summer day. waves of 1-2 feet. western maryland, just gorgeous
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mountain weather. clear at night, comfortable. around the bay, not quite as cold. 85 and less humid. great beach weather. tomorrow, they enjoy sunshine, 85 degrees. it will be a little windy early on. less humid weather and cooler temperatures the main theme for thursday and friday. 88 on saturday and sunday. we hit 90 again on monday and tuesday. >> james harrison says his words work twisted when he criticized teammates and others.
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vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> his running back a fumble machine, his quarterback on -- overpaid an underperforming. james harris and let it all out in an interview with a magazine. none of that -- parts of the story included this a photo shoot. a charge of assaulting his girlfriend. what message is the sending
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would double fisted pistols? he directed most of his venom to the commissioner. he called him a crook and a tyrant. lashing out was not a surprise. he did the same thing last fall. he said that his words were twisted, but his intent to shock was cleared by the botha issued in which he participated. paris and claims to play fearlessly. -- harrison claims to play fearlessly. the u.s. women's were not to -- after their jaws dropping quarterfinal win with brazil, nothing seemed capable of stopping teen usa. -- team usa. just a little ree direction needed. into the next it goes. france dominated for the next 50
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minutes. it was a cross that doubled as a shot. abby, she made it clear, and they just wanted it more. she is a physical marvel. alex, her first career world cup goal. that is memorable. the united states will face japan on sunday for the crown. >> i could not be more excited, more proud. i know we have a lot of friends and family here. i know we have a lot of friends and family back home that are watching and are supporting us. these wins, we cannot do it alone. we know a whole nation is cheering us on. i could not be happier. >> from germany, we head west to england. golf fans that missed out on the
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best play will get a healthy dose of that. we will see some ugly golf. this is the open. the american sounds fairly confident. >> at the same time, i would love to put my name in the mix of majors. hopefully, it into the draft. -- end the drought. i do not perform very well if i go into the week thinking about winning. i need to focus on what is right in front of me. >> he has two wins in the pga >> he has two wins in the pga honey, why aren't you playing with your friends?
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